Engaging with CRRF

Question: Can CRRF provide letters of support for projects?
Answer: Yes. Requests for support can be provided to the board. Your request should include a one-page project description, brief details of how the proposal connects to CRRF’s current strategic plan, outline of responsibilities of CRRF to the project (including timelines), details of financial and/or in-kind contribution requested, commitments to CRRF (e.g., what can we expect for communication and participation), and your details.

Question: How can I get CRRF involved in a collaborative report or other submission?
Answer: Proposals for such a submission can be brought forward to the CRRF board via a sponsor. Requests should include a description of the submission, relationship of submission to CRRF, and list of collaborators.

Question:  My organization wants to collaborate with CRRF on an event or future project? 
Answer: Please contact the Chair of the Strategic Partnerships and Networking Committee- Sarah Minnes.

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