Rural Insights Series on COVID-19 

CRRF/FCRR Annual Reports

2019-2020 CRRF/FCRR Annual Report

2018-2019 CRRF/FCRR Annual Report

2017-2018 CRRF/FCRR Annual Report

2016-2017 CRRF/FCRR Annual Report

2015-2016 CRRF/FCRR Annual Report

2014-2015 CRRF/FCRR Annual Report

2013-2014 CRRF/FCRR Annual Report

2012-2013 CRRF/FCRR Annual Report

2015-2020 CRRF/FCRR Strategic Plan


From Black Horses to White Steeds: Building Community Resilience (2017 |  Island Studies Press | Laurie Brinklow and Ryan Gibson)

The State of Rural Canada 2015 (2015 | Published by CRRF/FCRR)

Full Report
Executive Summary
Sommaire executif  

Place Peripheral: Place-Based Development in Rural, Island, and Remote Regions (2015 | ISER Press | Kelly Vodden, Ryan Gibson, and Godfrey Baldacchino)

Rural Planning and Development in Canada (2010 | Nelson | David Douglas)

Remote Control: Governance Lessons for and from Small, Insular, and Remote Regions (2009 | ISER Press | Godfrey Baldacchino, Robert Greenwood, and Larry Felt)

CRRF Reports and Submissions

2016 Census Rural Data Analysis 

Materials from CRRF Conferences

Different by Design: Exploring Innovation for Rural Prosperity (2017 in Nelson, British Columbia)

Buiding Vibrant Rural Futures Conference (2016 in Guelph, Ontario)

Building Community Resilience Conference (2015 in Summerside, Prince Edward Island)

Rural Reports

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