Call for Presentations: Two Journeys, One Path

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Two Journeys, One Path: Tracing Respect in Aboriginal Teachings and Environmental Education workshop is intended for anyone interested or experienced in subjects related to connecting Aboriginal culture and environmental education in Newfoundland and Labrador. It is an opportunity to build connections between these two worlds and to share teachings.

Organizers encourage people from a wide variety of backgrounds to attend the workshop and to consider giving a presentation… Could this be you?! The review committee is looking for a variety of proposals for presentations that range from inspirational / thought-provoking to practical / hands-on. Worksop attendees should come away with new perspectives on how to understand and relate to the world.

Topics should be related to Aboriginal culture or Environmental Education (or both!) and must be linked to ideas about respect for the environment. This could include topics related to:

  • Aboriginal ecological perspectives
  • The links between respect and human interactions with nature
  • How to teach about respectful / sustainable living
  • Infusing Aboriginal ecological perspectives into the classroom or community
  • Environmental values and attitudes, stewardship, and sustainable consumption and lifestyles
  • Reconnecting with nature and establishing mutually beneficial and reciprocal relationships

Presenters might be Aboriginal or non-Aboriginal people, including: Aboriginal teachers, Aboriginal Elders, researchers, interpreters, environmental educators, and other formal and non-formal educators of preschool to postgraduate students and beyond.

Types and length of sessions:

  • Outdoor: 1 – 2 hours for outdoor, hands-on sessions
  • Indoor/long: 55 minutes for indoor sessions (45 mins presentation/activity, 10 mins questions)
  • Indoor/short: 30 minutes for indoor sessions (20 mins for presentation/activity, 10 mins for questions)

The deadline for submissions is March 20, 2015. Further information on the call can be found at

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