Call for Papers: Rural Drinking Water Session at Canadian Association of Geographers Conference

Published by Ryan on

At the upcoming Canadian Association of Geographers Conference ( a special session is being organized on Rural Drinking Water. The special session organizer is currently seeking contributions to the session. See below for details.

Protecting Canada’s drinking water systems (everything from source to tap) is a fundamental component of planning sustainable communities and safeguarding the human right to water for current and future generations. Rural water users’ expectations for drinking water have been rising in recent years due to a multitude of intersecting trends such as rising standards of living and higher education levels. However, rural areas face many challenges in meeting these rising expectations as well as their legislated responsibilities for the management of drinking water systems.  This special session will explore challenges that rural communities across Canada face with drinking water issues.  The organizer invites presentations on topics such as source water protection,  infrastructure and operational issues, as well as public perception, awareness and demand of water. For more information contact Sarah Minnes at

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