CAG Rural Sessions

In partnership with the Rural Geography Study Group, CRRF co-hosted two special sessions at the recent Canadian Association of Geographers (CAG) conference. Geographers and planners from across Canada and internationally gathered in Halifax from May 30 – June 4, 2016. Two special sessions, titled The State of Rural Canada, were organized by Ewa Dabrowska (Memorial University), Ryan Gibson (Saint Mary’s University), Heather Hall (University of Saskatchewan), and Kelly Vodden (Grenfell Campus, Memorial University). Both sessions were well attended. Presentations from each special session can be found below.

The State of Rural Canada: A national perspective on rural policy | Heather Hall, University of Saskatchewan

A path to agricultural sustainability in Newfoundland | Ewa M. Dabrowska, Memorial University

Standing at the precipice: The state of rural Nova Scotia | Ryan Gibson, Saint Mary’s University

Sustainability indicators as a participatory regional planning and governance tool: A case study from rural Newfoundland | Brennan Lowery, Memorial University

Aboriginal capacity building achievements for sustainable natural resource development | Ryan Bullock, University of Winnipeg; Ian Mauro, University of Winnipeg; Denis Kirchoff, University of Waterloo

Small Volume Timber Licenses & Community Capacity-Building: A Process & Outcomes Evaluation of the Community Timber Allocation in Manitoba | Julia Lawler, University of Winnipeg; Ryan Bullock, University of Winnipeg


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