RSS Early Career Research Award Competition

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This year the Rural Sociology Society (RSS) Council has authorized the use of Endowment funds to support Master’s theses, Ph.D. dissertations, and Early Career Research awards to support research activities conducted during the 2015-2016 fiscal/academic year. Proposals are invited to conduct research on all topics encompassed by the field of rural sociology. The awards are designed to stimulate research that will help develop the careers of future rural sociologists and support the broader mission of the Rural Sociological Society. The RSS Endowment Committee will oversee the awards process.

The deadline for submission of proposals and required supporting materials is Sunday, March 15, 2015. Proposals received after that date will not be reviewed or considered for funding. All proposals must be submitted electronically and in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format to Glenn Israel (, co-chair of the Awards Committee. Nominees who are unable to meet these submission requirements and/or who cannot save their files in .pdf format should contact Glenn at 352-273-2586 or at the email listed above at least two weeks in advance of the due date so that alternative arrangements for submission can be made. For more information visit

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