Research Activities

. CRRF is actively involved in a number of research initiatives of interest to rural audiences.

Building for the Future: Rural Infrastructure 

Are rural communities capable of responding to infrastructure pressures and opportunities? How does that capacity – or lack thereof – affect a community’s current and future long-term economic development? Using surveys, workshops, content analysis, and case studies, this research initiative will examine the capacity of different rural communities to respond to infrastructure pressures and how these responses impact their short and long-term economic well-being. More information on this initiative can be found at:

Canadian Regional Development: A Critical Review of Theory, Practice and Potentials

This multi-year project is investigating how Canadian regional development has evolved over the past two decades and the degree to which Canadian regional development systems have incorporated New Region- alism into their policy and practice. This initiative is working with five regions: Eastern Ontario, Kittiwake (Newfoundland), Kootenay (BC), Rimouski-Neigette (Québec), and the Northern Peninsula (Newfoundland). For further information visit

Rural Policy Learning Commons

The Rural Policy Learning Commons was a 7-year Partnership project established in 2014 to enhance Canadian prosperity by: (i) identifying and analyzing policy options relevant to rural and northern places, (ii) evaluating these options in the context of national and international policy innovations, and (iii) building leadership capacity among rural and northern researchers, policy-makers, and practitioners. Further information on the Rural Policy Learning Commons can be found via

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