2011 Conference

xbanner.png.pagespeed.ic.16zRPI6tNUThe 2011 conference, Culture, Place and Identity at the Heart of Regional Development, was held in St John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador from October 13-15, 2011. The conference was co-hosted with the Leslie Harris Centre for Regional Policy and Development and the North Atlantic Forum.

Conference Program and Materials

Keynote Speakers

Brendan O’Keeffe (Department of Geography, Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick)
Elaine Stratford (School of Geography and Environmental Studies, University of Tasmania)
Zita Cobb (ShoreFast Foundation)
Zacharius Kunuk
René Cormier
Heiða Kristín Helgadóttir

Plenary Panel 1. Creative Rural Economies

Plenary Panel 2. Celebrating Place

The Role of Culture in Branding Small Islands: A Case Study of the Isle of Man (Gary Wilson)
Identity Re-engineering for Rebounding Peripheries (Godfrey Baldacchino)
Caraquet, or how to Become a Capital (Jacques CF Lanteigne)

Plenary Panel 3. Authenticity in Cultural Expression

Music in the Development of Place: Hey Rosetta! and the ‘New’ Newfoundland (Deatra Walsh)
The Tourism Narrative in Greenland (Hanne Fabricius)
Sustaining Culture and Livelihoods Through Ecotourism (Lillian Hunt and Kelly Vodden)

Concurrent Session A1: Policies and Programs that Support Culture, Place, and Identity

Federal Cultural Programs Supporting Culture, Place and Identity (Cynthia White-Thornley)
Using Historic Sites to Preserve Cultural Identity  (Gerry Osmond)
To Create a Sustainable Engagement (Sophie Lacroix)

Concurrent Session A2. Change Agents at the Local Level

Animating Change in Rural Newfoundland (Jack Stanley)
Reflection of a Cultural Worker in Developing a Heritage Region (Cynthia Colosimo)
A case study from Ethiopia: promoting culture for tourism and community building (Leila Qashu)

Concurrent Session A3. Farms, Food, and Identity

Með allt á prjónunum (Yarns and Farms) (Myriam Dalstein)
Coastal Heritage Experience (Barbara Marshall)

Concurrent Session 2B. Crafts as a Symbol of Identity

Crafting Tradition: Exploring the Relationship Between ‘Traditional’ Crafts, Craft Workers, Government and the Market (L. Lynda Harling Stalker)
Textile Portraits From Iceland (Birna Kristjansdottir)
Crafting Cape Breton Space: A Case Study of a Cheticamp Folk Art Gallery (Laura Sanchini)

Concurrent Session 2C. The Art of Regional Development

The Old Rock’s Rockin’: A Cultural Anatomy of Modern Shetland (Andrew Jennings)
Art Ex: A Visual Art Experience in the Exploits Valley: Revision, Reinvent, Revitalize (Linda Nuotio-Flynn)
Community Theatre: An Asset for our Communities (Muriel Detcheverry et Marie-Thérèse Landry)

Concurrent Session C1. Mobilizing Place for Regional Collaboration and Development

Finding Place Among the Placeless: the Role of Regional Development in the Peace River Region, northern British Columbia (Sarah-Patricia Breen and Sean Markey)
Place-Based Development in Rural Regions (Sarah-Patricia Breen and Sean Markey)
Linking identity, territory and place: Exploring regional governance of the Gander River (Jen Daniels)

Concurrent Session C2. Regional Approaches

Gateway or Destination Tourism: Conflicting Paths Towards Culture, Place, and Identity (Laura Ryser, Greg Halseth and Don Manson)
The Cultural Economy of Nunatsiavut: The Story of the Labrador Inuit (Johannes Lampe)
Iceland’s Cultural Councils: Stimulating Creativity in the Regions (Dorothee Lubecki)

Concurrent Session C3. Spatial Planning

Productions patrimoniales et urbanisation dans un espace indien-océanique” – “Heritage Interpretation and Urbanization in an Indian Ocean Context (Olivier Naria)
The Placentia Institute of Newfoundland Studies (Doreen Neville, Rob Wells, and Wayne Power)
Lines of Thought and Architectural Responses in the North Atlantic (Roger Mullin)

Concurrent Session D1. Inventing Place

Resisting and Responding: Regionalism in Lisa Moore’s February and Michael Winter’s The Big Why (Shane Beehan)
German LandArt: from loser-regions to a distinct personality with the help of art and culture? (Peter Dehne)

Concurrent Session D3. Rural Residents

Issues around the Gentrification of Rural Coastal Communities (Jerry Dick)
Newcomers at the gates: place and space in small island contexts (Bojan Furst)
Siding and Songs: Life stories and the saving of an old church building (Annemarie Christie)

Concurrent Session D4. The Business of Cultural Tourism

Concurrent Session E1. Preserving the Intangible Cultural Heritage

The Role of Museums to Promote and Preserve Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Indian Context (Shashi Bala)
Culture and Community-Based Museums in Rural Newfoundland and Labrador (Joan Simmonds and Candace Cochrane)
All Mummers ‘lowed In’: Inventing a Glocal Tradition (Ryan Davis)

Concurrent Session E2. Restructuring the Economy without Destroying Culture

 Residents’ Attitudes and Perceptions Towards Tourism Development in les Îles de la Madeleine (E. Wanda George)
The Role of Tourism in Regional Development: Case of Indigenous Cultural Representations in Africa (Roselyne Okech)


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