As part of the Building Community Resilience conference, CRRF launched a new initiative aimed at building rural policy capacity among graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. In September 2015, CRRF invited 18 graduate students and postdoctoral fellows from across Canada to participate in this new innovative program. 

This new initiative is an opportunity for students/postdocs to develop a policy brief on a topic of interest to them and contributes to the broad conference theme of building community resilience. A series of workshops and discussions have been held with participants in advance and after the conference to facilitate the development of their policy brief. Each participant will also have the opportunity to receive input from two mentors:  leading rural scholars, policy makers, and knowledge mobilization experts. At the conclusion of this initiative, CRRF will co-publish an online edited volume of policy briefs. This initiative will provide participants an opportunity to contribute to rural policy discussions, build new networks, and have a published output. 

The Rural Policy Capacity Building Initiative is co-led by Ryan Gibson (Saint Mary’s University) and Heather Hall (International Centre for Northern Governance and Development, University of Saskatchewan). This initiative has been funded through a Connections Grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. 


Allen Barnett
Ashley Julian
Naomi Finseth
Sarah-Patricia Breen
Shelly Bridges
Joshua Barrett
Laurie Brinklow
Chris George
Lisa MacDougall
Mangla Shandal
Meggie MacMichael
Paul Kraehling
Kyle Rich
Angela Pollak
Michelle Porter
Emily Thomas


Ken Coates
David Douglas
Joy Dornian
Bojan Fürst
Ryan Gibson
Heather Hall
Gwen Healy
Al Lauzon
Terri MacDonald
Sean Markey
Ruth Mealy
Kathleen Parewick
Craig Pollett
Wendy Keats
Jim Randal
Bill Reimer
Kelly Vodden
Daniel Walters
Rob Greenwood